Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who considers the GCRTF a test for the SBC's future?

I get the sense that some see it this way.

On one hand the status quo, Cooperative Program devotees, denominational luddites are already sounding gloom and doom if we put a new label (Great Commission Giving)on some of our statistics.

On the other hand the GCRTF report will not immediately change much of anything but I hear and read that not a few SBCers see this as a test for their future involvement in the SBC.

One megapastor GCRTF member J. D. Greear about says as much:

Why I think Younger Southern Baptists who Care about Reaching the World but are Not so Sure About the Convention should be Very Attentive the Next Two Weeks

So, to my younger Southern Baptist friends, this is why you need to come to Orlando. You need to affirm this movement in our Convention toward the priority of church planting and the centrality of the local church. This is an historic hour.

Historic? Maybe, maybe not. And, I don't know how many of J. D. Greear's 'younger-southern-baptists-who-care-about-reaching-the-world-but-are-not-so-sure-about-the-convention' are out there watching all this but there are probably a good many.

I’d vote for the report were I to be in Orlando. It's not radical and the devil is in the details (I still don't see how giving NAMB more money to control will help them do things right for a change but that's another question) but it is a move in the right direction.

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