Friday, July 9, 2010

A few stray thoughts and questions

Frank Page says his job as Executive Committee head is to set the vision for the SBC. Well, let’s hear it. I’ve got to preach on Sunday and want to know what I need to do. :) (I think FP overreached with this statement but I also like him and think he will do a great job.)

When is the last time anyone talked about folks being saved and baptized in any of the CBF meetings or publications? Honest question.

Are Calvinists just naturally insufferable or do they have to work hard to achieve it? Another honest question.

I still haven’t seen any of these important, but apparently secret, Cooperative Agreements between NAMB and the state conventions. I’d like to see at least one before I die.

Belgian police recently raided Catholic offices, tombs, and private residences looking for clergy sex abuse evidence. If the SBC Executive Committee established an independent board to receive and maintain abuse reports from churches and individuals is there any reason not to expect the same? None that I know of.

WB is now giving financial advice and touting his market timing expertise. Uh, my GQ-ready Okie colleague, we already have a WB that handles that kind of stuff: Warren Buffett. Mebbe my Okie fellow-soldier of Christ is a bit over-the-top on this one.

The most important story any of us have is our conversion testimony. Shouldn’t we all be to some degree troubled when one of our colleagues carelessly enhances his?

A blogger, perhaps not having the benefit of age and wisdom, and perhaps not seeing the danger of putting all your thoughts out for others to see, recently said that all churches should adopt the BFM2K to be made “accountable.” Don’t they teach anymore that the convention is accountable to the churches, not vice versa?

My wonderful mother, well into her ninth decade has, by any reasonable assessment of the matter, only a short time to live. Does this fact offer some perspective on all of the above? Certainly does.


Norm said...

William: When is the last time anyone talked about folks being saved and baptized in any of the CBF ... publications? Honest question.

Norm: In the last CBF Fellowship magazine I read (Winter 2010) there is an article entitled, “Hope Grows”, a wonderful article about ministry in the Mississippi Delta that “is changing lives; changing people ... [and] [p]eople are choosing to follow Christ, to see potential where they once saw none ....”

William Thornton said...

Glad to see it. Missed that one.