Friday, August 27, 2010

French fries for breakfast, texting for Baptist money and other random Friday plods

Just returned from a nearby megachurch which hosted a big training event for a great children’s ministry. Naturally, there was an appeal for money for the 'missionaries' who coordinate and promote the ministry. Fine by me, but I would like to note for posterity that this meeting is my first where attendees could sit in the sanctuary and donate by texting - just like American Idol. Plodder, again showing his keen grasp of the obvious, predicts that whatever the technology available, churches will use it to keep the money flowing.

Adventures at McDonald’s (where I drink the dollar tea and read the paper most mornings): A young lady I’d never seen, looks at me, smiles, and says, “I sure wish I could get French fries for breakfast.” Now that’s a thought I’ve never had.

Now that you can chase down genealogy fairly easily on the internet, seems I’m related to President John Adams. Admittedly, it is a distant connection - something like second cousin, six times removed…whatever…I’m thinking about asking for a raise anyway.

FBCJax Watchdog reports on the quasi-political rally/worship service last Sunday at FBC Jax. Mike Huckabee and some state and local politicians were all present to be noticed. Looks pretty tame to me, as political stuff in church goes, but with this kind of stuff we SBCers ought to be pretty close to the place where we stop complaining about political activity in Black churches.

Agnes Bojaxhiu would have celebrated her 100th birthday last week. Under her more familiar name of Mother Teresa she is certainly a shoo-in for Roman Catholic sainthood. Her ‘dark night of the soul’ spiritual crisis is one of the most interesting stories I have read recently.

So, Mary Bale, now known in the UK as 'the cat bin lady' impulsively chunked Lola the cat into a trash can and closed the lid, and all Brits are bursting with outrage. I'm a little slow on the uptake here...someone explain the problem to me.

Have a nice weekend.


Dave Miller said...

Interesting juxtaposition of your last two paragraphs.

In a perfect world, throwing a cat into a bin and closing the lid would be a necessary step toward sainthood.

foxofbama said...

I hope you have some insight into Richard Lee's key positioning with Glenn BEck's Divine Destiny Ralley tonight at the Kennedy Center.
How was it Richard Lee left the SBC or took lower star power. I remember him as the next Charles Stanley or some sort in the 80's.
He is Independent now,Right?

Anonymous said...

Stephen, how about you make a comment on something I wrote rather than whatever you want to talk about? I read your blog, bro. Put it all there and I will certainly read it.