Friday, August 13, 2010

Johnny Hunt, political pastors, old conventioneers and other random Friday plods

Buyer’s remorse for the hundreds of thousands who thought the ballistic, take-this-job-and-shove-it, flight attendant was a folk hero? Seems there is another side to his story. Whatever. Even if he was accurate, the eight buck an hour customer service rep at Wal-Mart has to put up with more than that guy did. No hero he. Self control is a good thing.

Speaking of vocational stresses, Johnny Hunt, who gets every July off, has his annual sabbatical extended through mid-September this year. Good for him. He has more responsibility than I do now or ever will and I’m glad his church is understanding and accommodating; however, most SBC pastors understand that their sabbatical comes when they resign, get fired, retire, or die…and not a minute sooner.

Two SBC pastors locally have run for political office on an angry, take-our-country-back platform…and both lost. I’m not sure exactly what that says but it may say that the level of political indignation among us is not what it is among the electorate.

The 111 year-old Japanese man, the one whose body was found and the guy had been dead for decades? Now his family is being investigated for receiving his benefit checks for all those years. That, we Americans certainly understand.

I don’t care how you slice it. That the Baptist General Convention of Texas has had to jettison over one hundred full time positions since 2006 is staggering. Mismanagement, executive ineptness, or alternative conventions aside, churches want to see value in the money they send to state conventions.

Ed Stetzer reports that, contrary to anecdotes, messengers to the SBC annual meeting are getting older, not younger. Maybe convention leaders could shave their heads, grow goatees, get tattoos, and make their reports in gangsta rap style…and lure the twentysomethings and thirtysomethings to the meetings.

Chipper Jones, best Atlanta Brave since Hank Aaron, has a season ending and perhaps career ending injury. That makes this a pretty bad week.

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Stephen fox said...

Never was a fan of Chipper, though he can hit the ball. Looks like his folks may be decent folks, but Chipper ain't no Dom Dimmaggio.
Then again, I am neither.
Hank Aaron was exponentially a better soul.
For the record, my nephew was the date of John Lester of the Red Sox, Lester's wife; her prom date Spring 2002.
My Great Uncle delivered a good portion of the babies of Woodstock Ga before it became a suburb of Atlanta; else Johnny Hunt wouldn't have as many souls to Baptize.
Is it true Hunt Baptized Jane Fonda? Somebody needs to get that straight for the historical record.