Friday, October 29, 2010

Rocky, Bullwinkle, and North Carolina Baptists...

Saddest news of the week: Death of Alexander Anderson Jr., creater of the Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon series. Hilarious characters, clever stories, and some sophisticated humor made the low budget cartoon television show a big hit with many my generation. I still recall a very ingenious cartoon of theirs with the title, “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t stow thrones.”

Wanted: Editor for The Biblical Recorder. Must be a conservative Southern Baptist with highly developed sensitivities to unwritten non-negotiable demands of certain self-appointed North Carolina Baptist grandees. Position requires reporting to board of Trustees and any other North Carolina Baptist whose nose is out of joint. Journalistic experience helpful but not required.

I suppose we should be praying for our brethren in the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina who have been traumatized by picking up their Biblical Recorder and having to read about the WMU. We certainly hope that reading about women in North Carolina Baptist churches who support our IMB and the Lottie Moon offering has done no permanent damage to the poor souls.

My how the mighty have fallen: Crystal Cathedral files for bankruptcy. "The economy" say the Shuller siblings now in control. "One too many vanity building programs" and "family squabbles" say more credible observers.

Demise greatly exaggerated: Yet another premature obituary, Old models of church don’t work anymore . Add this one to the obits for bus ministry, house-to-house visitation, expository preaching, etc. There's a problem with pronouncing that such things "just don't work" since most of us can look around and see these exact things working. One might say that they do not work with the ease and frequency that they once did...but these are authors who are trying to sell books and be invited to give lectures.

Stink Bugs Invade Georgia. Vast hordes of alien stink bugs (these come from Asia) are on the march in our fair state. Squash them and they, well, stink. Observers note that politicians in Georgia are swarming at the moment and they stink without being squashed.

On a cold day in Gehenna: North American Mission Board trustees voted today to be fully transparent with the Southern Baptists who fund the agency and put the employment contract of their new CEO up on their website.

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foxofbama said...

Two great QB's when Gaffney faces Northwestern of Rock Hill's QB signed by UTenn.
And Spartanburg/Dorman is on ESPNU

Marilynne Robinson's Absence of MInd is a must read for you.

As for North Carolina situation, as my Grandfather said during the heart of the Depression when his boy Uncle Fremont asked why he didn't give Alabama Long a ride into Rome from the Tubize Village: "He Knew he was walkin when he left the House."