Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday plods, shellacking et al

Plodder’s political punditry:

The Tea Party did well but now needs to grow up. O’Donnell was an embarrassment and one thinks that a candidate other than Angle could have dispatched Reid.

Palin’s terminology with the ‘mama grizzly’ stuff is getting old.

Congratulations to President Obama for his use of that wonderful word, ‘shellacking.’ I like it, both the word and the reason for its use.

Georgia is totally GOP dominated which ought to make one optimistic. Alas, the party has been a huge disappointment here since they took over a few years ago. Aside from the fact that the Republicans get to draw the new congressional districts, I’m not looking for much positive from them.

Good old fashioned unsolicited opinions on SBC and other stuff:

Looks like a generational change at NAMB. Out with the old, as in my generation, in with the new, as in the blue jeaned, twittering crowd. Can’t hurt. On second thought, we better wait and see. One should never underestimate the capacity of our number two SBC agency to foul up.

Concerning early retirement, GuideStone’s pending changes in annuity formulas has the pre-retirement conferences here in Georgia jam packed with gray hairs and look for the market of retired, and semi-retired pastors and denominational workers to be flooded. Good luck finding interims.

Where, other than in Texas for the BGCT, can one get a document that actually lists the salaries of the CEO and department heads?

How does a career .218 hitter get in the MLB Hall of Fame? By being an outstanding manager like Sparky Anderson who died this week. I hated the Big Red Machine but liked him.


foxofbama said...

Jill Lepore The Whites of Their Eyes and Sean Wilentz recent column on Glen Skousen stand as glaciers for anyone who wants to take the Cultural Baggage of the Tea Party as good for America.
Tea Party is shallow, just like Jerry Vines when Compared to Carlyle Marney and Truett--click over to my blog on Tuesday's vote.

Read the book and the article, have a group discussion with your congregation. See if you can get Bertis Downs to drive down from Athens for the chat.
Bush 43 got a Thumpin; My Bright Light Obama a shellackin.
the electorate is fickle; has everybody up on annual call these days; and I imagine like my Dad, Dr. Thornton isn't that fond of the annual call when his carcass is on the line where 51% of any vote can have him and his family out searchin.

Bama by 17; Gaffney over Spartanburg by 11

David Montoya said...


The term "compensation" in the BGCT means base salary. It does not include the perks (insurance, retirement, car rental, massages, meals, travel, and often housing). Again, if you really can discern what the key folks are being paid, then you should take the CPA exam!

Anonymous said...

I know, David. I'll leave it to you to chase down the details.