Friday, January 28, 2011

Old dogs, Richard Land, Wiley Drake, and things to drool over

Pick a Friday topic to pontificate about:

A Christian school girls team beat an opponent 108-3. The winning coach said he had little choice in the matter. Right, coach. You’re an idiot. Comments to the article reporting the game seem to be of the opinion that it’s just tough for the losers. Appalling.

A group says that the Air Force Academy’s speaker for a February prayer luncheon is “too evangelical.” Granted, Clebe McClary has been on the evangelical speaking circuit for years but isn’t the free exercise of religion supposed to prevent our wonderful gummit from making such judgments?

And thinking about religious freedom and our treasured First Amendment, Richard Land has withdrawn from the Jewish Anti-Defamation League’s Interfaith Coalition on Mosques, a group that monitors “Mosque discrimination” in America. Land said, "While many Southern Baptists share my deep commitment to religious freedom and the right of Muslims to have places of worship, they also feel that a Southern Baptist denominational leader filing suit to allow individual mosques to be built is 'a bridge too far'.” Translation: 'I hear the SBC critics who favor restricting religious liberty and will bow to their pressure,' although he added the appropriate boilerplate religious liberty statements. Not your best moment, Richard.

Locally, a church has had a youth worker arrested for child molestation with the crime alleged to have occurred when the 33 year old worker and a 15 year old boy shared the same bed on an overnight church outing. When the policy that allowed such sleeping arrangements was questioned, a church spokesman responded by asking if the church should be expected to abandon their “long history of…male adults sharing beds with boys on retreats?” Huh? Lawyers are said to be drooling uncontrollably over this.

Wiley Drake is a former SBC VP. He was elected, literally, on a joke platform a few years ago and is considering a run for SBC president this year. He'd like to hear from the SBC family about this possibility. Sure, Wiley. Here's mine: ‘Go away and don’t come back.’ The guy is a nut, one of many in SBC life but since he has held an official elected position, his fruitcake actions that embarrass us are widely reported by the media. The religious media, all but Baptist Press that is, are said to be drooling uncontrollably over Wiley running.

We might remind ourselves that an offering that will surely put over $50,000,000 in the bank for our North American Mission Board is not too shabby, whatever their recent history. Other denominations are said to reflexively drool over how Southern Baptists put so many millions into their organizations, and do it year after year.

The oldest domestic dog in North America has been discovered in Texas, a 9400 year old canine. Plodder confidently asserts that that Texas dog won’t hunt.

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I'm drooling uncontrollably over this blog post. ;P

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