Friday, February 18, 2011

IMB, finally and Plodder's career change plans derailed

In a hurry this Friday:

The IMB finally has a candidate to replace Jerry Rankin - Tom Elliff, One wonders what took them so long to settle on an in-house, well-connected, former megapastor with some mission experience. Perhaps his age, 66.

Seems that elephants are behind a recent outbreak of tuberculosis. Plodder may have to reconsider his career plans to move from his mildly successful run as a cat herder to being an elephant handler if there is a risk of TB.

Speaking of elephants and TB, Plodder recommends that all SBC entity trustees immediately get checked for the disease. Most of them spend a lot of time in rooms where there are elephants, though they mostly ignore the pachyderms.

Had a couple of pretty fair fishing afternoons this past week and was reminded of Adrian Roger's axiom that "it is a sin to be soul winning when you ought to be fishing." Look it up. It's in the record.

Have a nice weekend.

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