Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Megapastor Larry Wynn goes to NAMB

NAMB is making most of the SBC news these days.

Monday it was a reported that Larry Wynn, megapastor of Atlanta area Hebron church would go to NAMB as VP of NAMB's Evangelism Group.

He is so successful at his megachurch that when I visit folks in my community, lots of people will tell me that they attend Hebron even if they don't. In the south people know that they have to say they go to a church even if they went only once and haven't been in years. Hebron is the designated name church in my area.

A little over five years ago Larry accepted the equivalent position with the Georgia Baptist Convention but soon returned to Hebron as pastor.

I have no idea what Kevin Ezell expects Larry to do in evangelism that carries out his vision and strategy for NAMB. His success in building a megachurch, almost from scratch, is impressive. Whether or not this translates to the national SBC level, I don't know. But Larry is one of the good guys in my opinion. He has preached revival services in my church. I like him. I wish him success.


FBC Jax Watchdog said...

William - we sure would like to know who is being tapped for the IMB position. Don't you have some sources who know who the top candidates are? Who is the mega pastor being considered?

William Thornton said...

Haven't the foggiest. I'm a plodder. You're the racehorse.

Anonymous said...

Some of the mega-churches do good things. Some don't. I'm taking your word that he's a good guy. Down here in the TBA, I like Cornerstone, Wedgwood and Northwood. I would trust those particular pastors if they were put in positions of authority.


William Thornton said...

FBCJaxWD, I've heard what most everyone has heard. I have a recent blog article that addresses the matter.

I like some of the megapastors but believe that someone with a missions background would be better.