Monday, February 14, 2011

Yeah! Over our Lottie Moon goal!

Last fall I was in Africa at a meeting of all of our missions people and some higher-up administrators. I appreciated being allowed to sit in on their group meeting and hear the news, the difficulties, the questions to the IMB admin people. One of the concerns was funding levels.

I was asked, "What is your feeling about the Lottie Moon offering this year?"

I replied, "Things are extemely tight but we will go up a little from last year on our goal."

We've been promoting and receiving the offering for two months and had received only 90% of our goal. Last Sunday was the absolute last time I planned to push it and ask for more. Ninety percent isn't too shabby, considering that we cut our budget by about 10%, including my swallowing a slight pay cut.

Well, during the week someone came through to get up us to our goal. Hallelujah and amen!

This is our most important offering of the year. It is the largest and the most critical. It is the way we give most of our missions money.

My church's modest sum is a drop in the bucket to the IMB but at least our drop is not smaller this year.

I am happy. I am motivated to push hard for Lottie Moon. We will take an Annie Armstrong offering but at this stage we're not pushing that as hard.

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