Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ding dong, praying on planes, Jefferson's 'Holey' Bible, 'Ham' handed nonsense...

Better be careful about praying on airplanes, especially if you pray out loud to be seen by other men, particularly if they are other passengers and flight crew. Seems some Orthodox Jews did just that and triggered an emergency landing and a free session with the FBI and Customs and Border Protection.

“Jesus is bigger than any one religion,” says the emerging church rock star with the pair of monosyllabic names: Rob Bell. He will surely find a warm reception among classic protestant liberals and some former Southern Baptist moderates. His views are “nothing more than a slickly packaged, well scripted rehash of Protestant liberalism." Says an SBC seminary prof. Reading Rob Bell on the blood should make every Bible-believing SBCer's blood boil. The guy’s a rank liberal with his shirttail hanging out. Ding dong, sayonara Rob Bell.

Some Baptist theocrats among us like to decry the separation of church and state will actually try to rehabilitate Thomas Jefferson into a flaming evangelical. Before you swallow this bit of nonsense, check Jefferson's “Holey” Bible out…

Need a workout? Don’t lift a finger. Just watch this.

Stray Baptist quote of the week: “If you vote for Al Smith [Roman Catholic presidential candidate in 1928] you're voting against Christ and you will all be damned.” Who would preach such a thing in a prestigious Baptist pulpit? Why, Mordecai Ham, of course at the First Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, September 1928. Ham’s preaching later saw Billy Graham converted.

Biggest SBC news of the week: Tom Elliff unanimously elected president of the International Mission Board. Says the 67-year old Elliff: “I’m not coming as an interim. I’m coming with a vision, and I will serve as long as God gives me grace and energy.” Fair enough. No one likes to begin serving in an important position while everyone around you is wondering when you’re going to retire. Let’s see the vision.

Weather's nice this afternoon...have a nice early weekend.

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