Monday, May 2, 2011

Sometimes life gets put in perspective for us

Not that my opinion is worth much on world affairs, but since when has that slowed any blogger down?

The Royal Wedding. A completely artificial affair but one that I have a passing interest in on account of historical antecedents. My level of disgust was elevated above the threshold of palatability by the gushing, fawning, schoolgirl commentary of US news people, including the usually reliable Shep Smith. No thanks. Click.

If that was fantasy, then US Navy Seals putting a bullet (bullets?) in Osama Bin Laden’s head is reality. Life is an ugly business, not century old, gilded carriages, ministers using archaic but lovely language, and diamond tiaras, but blood and death.

If the Royal Wedding, which one hopes might pull the British royal family out of dysfunction and embarrassment, was fantasy then tornadoes in Alabama and elsewhere were reality. I happened, completely accidentally, to have occasion to travel across Alabama last Thursday. When the road was blocked and I explained to the deputy that we were going from A to B, and could he kindly suggest another route if not this one, he allowed us through. Total devastation is just a phrase, except to people who lived in a narrow, about a half mile wide, strip along the road. Nothing left. Lives and homes lost.

That’s reality, not fantasy.

I am thankful that Southern Baptists know how to respond to disasters. Franklin Graham, for whom my respect diminishes with time, showed up to talk on TV. Southern Baptists showed up to work. NAMB and the state conventions are to be commended. Sometimes we get things right.

Obama said he personally approved the assassination of Bin Laden. Good for him. He gets things right occasionally.

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