Wednesday, May 18, 2011

This blog will be in thousands of sermons!

Plodder so predicts...although he is not responsible for the content.

Big news! For about $700 you can receive
a $700 blood test that tells you how long you'll live.

No joke, but that statement is a little strong. It has to do with the little white tips on the chromosones, like in the photo. The test measures these which correspond to your biological age and offers a predictor of whether you are older or younger than your chronological age. It doesn't give you a number of years and months but who would say that a test that offers some guidance on how long a person will live is not a significant development?

The testing and results can only get more specific as it is refined. One company is gearing up to offer this as an over-the-counter test. In the future, will such a test be so refined as to give a number of years that one is expected to live?


1. Do I really want to know about how many years I have left to live?
2. If I knew, would I do anything different?
3. Can scientists unlock the body’s code for longevity, thereby presuming to know what God only knows, how long we will live?
4. Would it be better not to know?
5. Will we be required to submit to this test for life and health insurance?
6. Will actuarial tables be offered based on these tests and not external data?
7. How many sermons will be preached that use this as an illustration?

Life can get complicated.

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