Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Have a great triple by-pass Independence Day!

OK, so the whole hog BBQ isn't pretty, save to most authentic BBQ fans and all rednecks, but it is mighty good.

OK, so it isn't healthy but moderation is the key to life and it does taste heavenly.

At my church this Sunday we're not doing the hog thing but the chicken bbq thing. It will be good as well, but my favorite will come Monday on the 4th when I make about a 45 minute drive to Colbert, GA for their bbq - oink, not cluck.

The last few years before my father died in 2008 we would go together to Colbert and buy 8 or 10 plates. Once I found out that if you got there early enough you could either buy or be given a sackfull of pork skins, I made it a point to step on the gas. If the couple of dozen folks who read my stuff here would keep that little bit of info from my wife, my family doctor, and my cardiologist (although my family doctor would probalby approve, so long as I shared with him), I'd appreciate it. I'd even share my sackful of pork skins with you if you came by.

Gluttony? Naw. That sermon can be saved for another day.


cermak_rd said...

Whole hog roasts are common amongst Germans in the northern US and a unique form of barbecue in which the hog is put into a pit and covered in coals is common in Hawaii and with folks that have eaten it in Hawaii.

So it's not just rednecks!

William Thornton said...

I have to confess to a monumental error here. The fair city of Colbert, GA had their Independence Day stuff, including the bbq, on Saturday, July 2nd this year and not on the 4th.

I missed it. Woe is me.

Why in the name of Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, et al would they move it to the 2nd just because the 4th is on a Monday this year? I dunno...but it's their deal.