Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unity sounds good to me

SBC nat'l, state leaders sign 'unity' pledge

Wonder who will be the first to complain about the unity pledge? Plodder bets it will be a blogger. I note that there has already been someone to speculate that the unity pledge might be to pre-empt the motion to establish a unity committee to study GCRTF implementation.

Nah, we ought not to question the motives of the unity pledge people. The pledge itself says that we shouldn't do that. So let's dont.

Let's be optimistic and positive here.


Tom Parker said...


This pledge is silly. Signing a pledge changes little.

It is about 32 years late.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know the motive of the person who suggested that, so I'll clarify that I actually thought it was a very good statement, a needed reminder of what the various SBC entities are to be about. I do hope that such a statement will prevent the messengers from needing to spend more SBC missions money on another year-long committee though...and if that was part of the framer's motivation, then I certainly wouldnt see it as a bad thing. :)