Thursday, July 14, 2011

Atlanta the home of the country's worst and most Cheatin' Edumacators...

Atlanta is clearly the mecca for cheatin' educators due to the investigation that revealed that hundreds of teachers, dozens of principals, assistant principals and higher administrators, in dozens of Atlanta public schools cheated. The EDUCATORS, not the students did the cheating and that deliberately, systematically, repeatedly, brazenly, and sometimes openly.

Google the words "cheating" and "Atlanta" and go from there.

Teachers took the completed tests, erased wrong answers and filled in right answers. Simple, low tech. Kids score better. Schools score better. Administrators get bonuses.

Some jaw-dropping examples:

Principal holds cheating pizza party on weekends. Teachers bring the score sheets and erase between mouthfuls of pepperoni.

Principal enlists teacher who knows how to remove the tests from the sealed packets and reseal them.

Administrator picks lock of the office of the employee who is responsible for securing the completed tests.

Wholesale intimidation of whistleblowers and non-cheating compliant teachers.

The-buck-don't-stop-here, sez the Superintendent who received national Supt. of the Year award, based on the falsified data and who also received hundreds of thousands of dollars in performance bonuses. See no evil. Hear no evil. Speak no evil. Cash those checks. To heck with the school children.

This is not merely moral decay by rogue educators but about as complete and systemic a moral and ethical failure as one could imagine.

Too bad for the kids.

Look for the cheaters to wrap themselves in victimhood and blame it all on Bush and No Child Left Behind.



Dr. Fletcher Law said...

Atlanta nd cheating. Thought this was a post about the Georgia Tech football team who just went down with 4 years of probation.

Anonymous said...

Good one. As a Bulldawg from way back, I knew something had to be wrong with Tech winning.


Anonymous said...

And what's worse, the school board in DeSoto, Texas (suburb of Dallas) was stupid enough to hire one of the administrators who was doing the cheating. People never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

The administrator hired by the Texas system is front page news in Atlanta. How could she possibly lead the district?


Anonymous said...

She's here in Texas now and her first day on the job was Monday and they promptly put her on paid leave until they decide if they are going to keep her or not. I vote "not."

Dave Miller said...

You must be so proud, William. Congratulations.

Anonymous said...

Its Monday and I guess she still has her job and paycheck in Desoto. Who says crime doesn't pay?