Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kevin Ezell comes to town

I am pleased that Kevin Ezell, our North American Mission Board president, will be preaching in my church this Sunday.

It is our Homecoming. We don't get too many coming back for HC these days but we still enjoy the occasion and eat pretty good after church. Some of the region's best BBQ will be served.

I am looking forward to meeting Kevin and Mike Ebert who will be with him and hearing him preach.

So far as I know, only one blogger type is close by me. But any who wish would be welcome.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Kevin can get you on a committee--but then they would read your blog and that would be that.

Dave Miller said...

I'm not too near to you, but I'm guessing my welcome might not be so genuine there.

William Thornton said...

Why not, Dave? I'd be offended if you ever swung down this way and didn't contact me.

Dave Miller said...

If I ever get through there, I will. But I think some of your guests might not appreciate me showing up.

Besides, I forgot my housecoat.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming that he doesn't see you as one of those bloggers in bathrobes, living in a basement. :)

Good on ya, William! Will it be recorded? I would like to hear his sermon, even though I live in TX. I can't disagree with any choices he's made thus far. Sure, it might put state conventions in a harder bind, but then again they aren't his responsibility. NAMB is his responsibility, and that is what he has to look out for.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure Kevin will be treated with the respect and dignity that he deserves. Whether we disagree or agree should not be an excuse for bad behavior toward him. We're all part of the same team after all.

D.R. said...

I'm guessing that he will be preaching at the 11 o'clock hour? But if he's preaching the evening service, then I'm definitely there.

Anonymous said...

What, DR? Your church expects you to show up and preach Sunday am?

Feel free to come after your service is over for lunch. Call me if you wish.

Dave, that was long ago...about a year.


Anonymous said...

In 2011 you might preach Sunday morning and get blogged about Sunday evening.

Our church really enjoyed having Kevin Ezell as our Homecoming guest this morning. He connected well with the folks and we all enjoyed his preaching. I appreciated having a chance to visit with him and his colleague Mike Ebert.