Thursday, August 25, 2011

Some Not-Too-Shabby Baptist Blogs and Bloggers

As a group, bloggers certainly score high on the scale of self-importance. I suppose it probably is so internalized that no blogger ever asks him/herself, “Why wouldn’t the whole galaxy want to know what I think about stuff, seeing that I am such a witty, insightful, and provocative guy?” Bloggers instead presume that the world awaits their next display of brilliance.


Plodder admits to a degree of that, the self-importance part, not the witty, brilliant, insightful part. OK, I own up to the provocative part.

Here are a few blogs that I enjoy reading and have found to be more than the usual tepid blogfare, annotated of course with my witty, brilliant, and provocative thoughts:

FBCJax Watchdog Tom Rich’s story about FBCJax, his banishment, lawsuit, and settlement was a prime example of how a church member, when denied any effective voice through proper church channels, can easily go public. Tom’s case just happened to be one of the more exaggerated examples of church conflict and a pastor and church’s inept response to it. Since then, Rich blogs about his version of abusive, manipulative, and misbehaving men-of-the-cloth. Sure, some may think it is just a pastor-hate site, but I encourage my colleagues to read it. They might learn something. I don’t buy all of his stuff but I read it all.

Spiritual Samurai David Montoya is the little Latino pit bull whose persistent small voice exposed one of the SBC’s largest scandals. Give a little guy with a high level of indignation a big bullhorn and see what might happen. There could be nothing better for the SBC at every level than an understanding that, ‘No, you’re not going to get away with untoward behavior and decisions, even if all the people who “count” busy back slapping, glad handing, and looking the other way.’ I don't get the samurai stuff.

SBC Voices is a group thing (six guys without a life, perhaps? Don’t they know that six is a bad number?) where a bunch of people contribute, including moi, occasionally. The blogs they feature have introduced me to a few interesting subjects and writers. The pieces written for SBCV are a mixed offering. As in the OT, I wave on a few, burn a few, and consume a few, and scratch my head over a few. I am told this is a Calvinist site but am awaiting divine judgment about that. Until then, I don't hold it against them. One of the calvinists there even has a sense of humor. Quite rare.

The Big Daddy Weave/ comes from Aaron Weaver who is a few light years to my left and a few decades below me in age. He writes well, is quite informed on church/state stuff, and hasn’t learned to trash mouth everyone who disagrees with him. He is a Georgia Bulldawg, which always helps. I don't get the Big Daddy stuff.

SBC Tomorrow. I like Peter Lumpkins. He has the finest hair in the SBC for one thing; however, he seems to generate some ire amongst the brethren. I confess to not quite understanding why. He is zeroed in on Calvinism and such things as ACTS29, et al. He writes well and thinks deeply about SBC stuff. I appreciate his stuff.

From Law to Grace is Howell Scott's blog, former lawyer, something he reminds us of about once a day, so I try and toss in a few ex post factos, certioraris, and a posterioris for him. Howell is far from being a posterior and writes widely on interesting things and I like his stuff.

I'd list other blogs I read but someone might get the idea that I don't have a life.


Dave Miller said...

Here's my question, William. Since we republish a couple of your posts a week, aren't you really part of the SBC Voices team? And, having established that, the question then is how your posts classify - a "wave on a few, burn a few, and consume a few, and scratch my head over a few."

And, for the record, the "Calvinist blog" is a criticism used by some that is not really based in facts. At least four of our regular contributors are non-Calvinist.

Stephen Fox said...

I appreciate you including Big Daddy Weave in your recommends.

And I agree with you about Howell Scott.

You know I have major difference of opinion about the work and woof of Dave Miller's Voices blog so I doubt it would do much good to express my grievances here other than to say I find him and his feint of Fair and Balanced about as believable as I do Fox News.

David Montoya and I had good conversation in the Nashville Airport in 87 or so, and his truth to Power at Samford October 1990 on panel with Judge Pressler and Baylor Alumni President Randy Fields, son of Wilmer; was a highlight of my SBC activism of those days.
I noticed where Jerry Vines commented at Scott's blog today. Sign of influence just as your efforts were given a boost when your posted the serendipitous blog on alliteration not long ago.
Hope we can talk about Fresh Air and Apostolic Dominionism soon.

Dave Miller said...

I'm crushed.

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

Thanks, William.

Howell Scott said...


I appreciate the kind words, although you don't have to remind everyone I was a lawyer -- that's my job, thank you very much! :-) Thanks also for not calling me a posterior. I've been called worse though! And, that's just since my time in the ministry. God bless,


Anonymous said...

Dave, I sometimes wince at my postings on SBCV...and I'm doing what bloggers do best, just repeating what other people say about SBCV being a calvinist place.

I'm honored to be considered by you as part of the SBCV team...and I'm working on some "Ten Reasons to..."
posts for you.


Big Daddy Weave said...

Just to let the two members here of the SBCV team know....I enjoy most the 10 Reasons To posts. Gotta make sure we keep Him #1 while in the bedroom and livingroom. ;-)

FBC Jax Watchdog said...

William, I think many pastors do read my blog, but not many would dare to actually say they did. I appreciate your comments.

You made reference to the lawsuit...yes we went through a long legal battle with the city of Jacksonville and the state attorney's office over the actions of the officer that pulled subpoenas on my blog and two other SBC blogs. Over 20 depos including the pastor, his wife, the church administrator, all the way up to our elected sheriff. The officer was a deacon and active member of the discipline committee of FBC Jax.

But there still is another lawsuit pending over defamation...the trial is set for next May, and likely discovery will occur soon.

Anonymous said...


Perhaps we need to crown you PEACEMAKER in the SBC, for only a guy well-armed with ooey-gooey love could pull together so many diverse voices without a shoot-out at OKay.

Know I appreciate the thumbs-up. But we both know why I get under so many brethren's skin, don't we?

It's the hair...

With that, I am...

Anonymous said...

Interesting post but slightly deluded when it comes to Rich and Montoya. There are other Baptist blogs that are much more objective.

William Thornton said...

I didn't say they were objective, although they were objectively right in the matters that brought them to attention.

Jonathan said...

William sez (somewhat tongue in cheek): "bloggers certainly score high on the scale of self-importance"

"Bloggers...presume that the world awaits their next display of brilliance"

I'm not a blogger (yet) but I'd say that the above is also true for just about any published author or public speaker. The difference is that bloggers need not wait for some other entity to edit their words. This has been a game changer especially in SBC life. Some in higher office have responded by ridiculing bloggers or by attempting an even tighter hold on information flow. The sheer number of bloggers and the growing numbers who utilize social media are proving too much for this.

Given our history as not a silent people (to quote Walter Shurden), this activity fits who we are as Baptist as much or more than any other religious or denominational group.

William Thornton said...

Stephen, I'll ban you if you slam other commenters here. Don't do it any more.