Friday, September 9, 2011

Love One Another? College Football. Jammie Days.

They will know us by our love for one another: Here in Georgia two Christian schools played football last Friday. Loganville Christian Academy was ahead of Northside Christian Academy 33-0 in the first half when one of the players on the losing team ripped off the helmet of his opponent and began bashing him over the head with it. Criminal charges could be filed. The game was stopped at that point and the head basher’s team forfeited to the head bashee’s team. Reminds me of church softball leagues. Tsk. Tsk.

Alas, who to vote for? The wonderful family man, the Mormon, the submissive evangelical wife, the libertarian with his nose perpetually out-of-joint, the thrice married ex-SBCer, the fiery former pizza magnate who would excise mosques, the drawling Texan who knows how to corral the evangelical vote, the three-fourths Italian one-fourth Irish Pennsylvania Catholic, or the other Mormon who attended Lutheran school whose wife was raised Episcopalian, whose kids went to Catholic school who adopted a girl from India who has a Hindu tradition. We will let the crowd shake down on its own.

Georgia lost to Boise State. It wasn’t close. I’d feel sorry for head coach Marc Richt who is under some pressure but I don’t believe I am obligated to feel sorry for anyone making $3 million a year. I don’t even feel sorry for the beleaguered defensive coach who still makes about as much as the college president.

NASA has an astronaut shortage. Plodder will be happy to recommend some of my calvinist ministerial colleagues who already have experience in deep space.

Kids have pajama days at school? What's next - underwear days?


William Thornton said...

Update on the Christian school love-, er, bash-fest: The offending player has been charged with misdemeanor battery.

Dave Miller said...

You should be charged with misdemeanor verbal battery for the Calvinist in deep space joke!!!

You are definitely one of a kind. And that is probably a good thing.

Stephen Fox said...

Jack Causey was pastor of FBC Gaffney in early 70's when my Dad was in the association. At church softball game one August evening, Causey was present and didn't recognize many of the players on FBC team. Somebody hollered over: What Department do you have on the field this evening. Jack replied, I think it's the Outreach Department.

Gaffney Indians are ranked Number One in the state of S.C. as they should be. Play Union tonight.
Go Indians.
This far in the season, there are no incidents outside the field of fair play I am aware of.

Unrelated matter, I do hope you and Dr. Miller will pursue the topic of Frank Page, the Apostolic Dominionists snd the GOP contenders, Perry in particular, soon.

William Thornton said...

Dave, you are one of the few calvinists with a sense of humor. Perhaps you could sell some of it to your humor-challenged calvinist colleagues.

Anonymous said...

I loved the comment about the Outreach Department softball team but I don't understand all the slams for Calvinists. I have a lot of friends who are Calvinists and they are true to the Word when preaching and teaching. My liberal friends on the other hand are not so true to the truth.

Anonymous said...

Anon, you can read my more serious posts on calvinists. I admit poking some fun at them. One of the things the SBC needs is a sense of humor.


Anonymous said...

Anon, William's digs at Calvinists are much less harsh (or funny) than his infrequent jabs at the neighboring state to West. Now that stuff is funny, I don't care who you are.

Q: What do you call a calvinist pastor without a sense of humor?
A: A recent SBTS grad.

Q: Where can one find an SBC calvinist who splits a church over reformed theology?
A: Shouldn't be too tough, there have only been a handful of them in the last couple of decades.

Q: Why is poking fun at the small number of SBC Calvinist churches so entertaining?
A: Because it takes one's mind off of the tens of thousands of non-Calvinist churches in the SBC that are doing little in the way of evangelism.