Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The extraordinary actions of John Waters, GBC presidential nominee

I wrote last Thursday that I intended to vote for John Waters for president of the Georgia Baptist Convention. Two good men are campaigning energetically for the top elected position in the GBC. I happen to like Waters in part because of his extraordinary commitment
...I will not personally support any At Large appointment of a person who has recently served.
While GBC committees and appointments are perhaps tediously viewed by many as inside baseball, they are the key to the approximately $44 million budget and the various GBC entities. If the same small group of well-meaning GBC pastors can manage to stay in the positions of leadership of influence then any talk about being more inclusive is just empty talk.

The details and process can be mind numbing and it would be too difficult to restate it here. I merely point to Waters' two articles below.

2011 Committee on Nominations: Another Misssed Opportunity

A Missed Opportunity

The links above are to John Waters' blog, John Waters for GBC. Sure. Any hacker and plodder one can start a blog and fill it with bluff and bluster. What Waters relates on his blog is that he has done more than just type words that represent commitments. He has taken the extraordinary step to actually speak to some nominees and ask them to decline nominations. Well, you read it.

This is quite extraordinary. My hat is off to John Waters.

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Anonymous said...

What in the world are two men doing when they are out campaigning for this job? I've never heard of that. Usually the candidates sit back and try to look spiritual while someone is doing all the work behind the scenes.

But then, things are always different in Georgia.