Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The date which will live in infamy...

...December 7, 1941, was seventy years ago today. That sunny, Sunday morning found my wife's father, William L. Stovall, in Pearl Harbor on a destroyer in a slip across from Ford Island where all the big battleships were neatly lined up.

You know the story. "This is no drill..." Indeed it wasn't.

The image is from Bill's diary. Sometime later in the day after his ship had gone out to sea from Pearl he wrote simply, "0750 Japs started bombing us" and drew a crude sketch of the layout of the ships in the harbor, the battleships lined up in pairs. His destroyer noted in the bottom left corner as "Mug" for "Mugford."

He lived sixty years, two months, and a week after the date which still lives in infamy.

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Jon L. Estes said...

Thanks for the post and reminder. May we never forget the God who watched over us through the whole war. Lives lost, freedom intact.

God bless the USA.