Sunday, January 8, 2012

I want to like Rick Perry...

...but he is such a disappointment.

On being Commander In Chief, Perry continually, incessantly, reminds us that he has been C-in-C of the 20,000 strong armed forces of Texas. Last night he added that these troops were deployed in several "theaters of operation."


Yep. The theater of Brownsville, El Paso, perhaps Dallas and San Antonio (gotta keep the Alamo safe, I suppose). All the hot spots of Texas.

Good grief.

Since he has done such a stellar job of C-in-Cing all those troops in all those theaters, I think I'll go ahead and award Perry the five stars that McArthur, Eisenhower, Arnold, Marshall, and Bradley had.

So, Rick, go to SC for your last hurrah and then just fade away. We've had enough levity from you already. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney has already won the nomination. Commenting on any of the other contenders wastes time. No Bible believing Christian should support the papist Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum and his family of nine attend Latin Mass at St. Catherine of Siena Church near D.C. He and his wife were invested as Knight and Dame of Magistral Grace of the Knights of Malta at St. Patrick's cathedral in New York. Santorum spoke in Rome at a centenary celebration of the birth of St. Hosemaria Escriva, founder of Opus Dei. Southern Baptist pastors should preach against the Roman Catholic church. 99.9999 percent of Catholics will drop into hell.

Tim Bonney said...

I see why you posted as "Anonymous." "the papist Rick Santorum?" I'm no Santorum fan. But the above post just drips with religious bigotry with a dash of conspiracy theory nuttery!

As Plodder has said, Perry isn't going to make it. Even his commercials in Iowa made him look bad. We don't need a C in C who can't remember the voting age, how many people sit on the Supreme Court or which agencies he'd like to eliminate. Surely the GOP can do better than that!

William Thornton said...

I'd be happy to have a discussion here with a Catholic hater but you'll have to identify yourself or take it elsewhere.


Lee said...

I'd be interested in knowing why its just Santorum, and not Gingrich, who is also Catholic, and why there's apparently no problem with Romney, who is a Mormon.

Last time I checked, it takes winning a majority of the Delegates at the Republican National Convention to be the nominee. Romney is a long, long way from that point. He hasn't won a single delegate yet.