Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Annie Armstrong did well in 2011

Baptist Press reports that the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North American Missions is up for 2011, receiving over $56 million.

That's good news.

Actually, that's rather surprising and pretty substantial good news, seeing that the economy is still staggering and NAMB is on the receiving end of some harsh criticism in some quarters.

May I remind my gentle readers of my 2012 prediction that the AAEO would be up and that by over a million dollars? The offering was up by well over a million, about three percent.

This is good news and is one signal that NAMB is moving away from the dysfunctional messes of the past that soured many Southern Baptists on the organization.

It might add perspective to note that the $56m was still far under the record AAEO total in 2007 of $59.3 million and far, far under the $70 million goal.

But its a bit of good news in a time when there is dearth of ths same in SBC circles.

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