Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Stained glass SBC logo

The photo above is of a leaded stained glass SBC logo. You recognize the world, cross, and Bible. It graced my office when I had one but is now excess inventory and I need some fishbait money...alas...I part with it reluctantly.

It is roughly 8 inches by 11 inches and weighs a little under a pound. It has a tiny loop at the top for hanging. I had it in a window at my office at the church.

It's hand made, leaded, real glass. I would sell it for $50 and pay shipping.

This would be a good gift for an SBC loyalist pastor, perhaps one with denominational ambitions. What would be better than to have the official SBC logo prominently displayed in one's office?

And, who knows? If the convention changes our name they might get ambitious and change our logo as well, making this item a rare, discontinued item.

You can email me at

Sorry for this crass commercial message.


Blake said...

If I could afford it I'd buy it. My love for the SBC has waned, but I do think we have one of the best logos of any denomination out there.

William Thornton said...

A kind soul said they would take it.

Fish will be fed once again.

I'm grateful.