Saturday, July 28, 2012


The Cathy family has done a world of good and I'm glad they are fellow Christians. It is a fast food restaurant chain where, surprisingly, employees act like they enjoy working there, low paid though they may be.

I eat a CFA maybe once a week if you count stopping in for a milkshake or tea.

  • Dan Cathy said nothing about gay marriage, but that didn't slow down the media firestorm. As someone said, it would have been nice in a story purported to be about gay marriage to have at least one quote about gay marriage. 
  • It's a chicken sandwich, brethren, preferably (in the best Baptist tradition) fried, spicy, and with diet lemonade. I'm ambivalent about the waffle fries. I'm not thinking about gay marriage when I pull into the restaurant. I like the sandwich.
  • The most salient thing CFA said was that they treat everyone well. The gay lobby and any other victimization groups are welcome to hold them to it. CFA wants to be held to that.
  • You get treated like a grown-up in the restaurant, although all the "my pleasure" stuff can get annoying to old codgers. I get treated well in other restaurants but never better than at CFA...and they don't make you beg for a packet of salt or sweetener like most McDonald's, who seems to be perfectly willing to alienate customers to save a fraction of a penny.   
  • Count me out on Mike Huckabee's CFA day promotion and, take this little warning from an old hand, whatever you do don't get on Huckabee's mailing list. He will hound you until Jesus comes and maybe beyond for donations to his political causes to save America, apple pie, motherhood and now Chic-fil-A. It's a racket.
  • I'm also pretty much passing on buying from anyone just because he or she, or they, claim to be a "Christian" business. Hogwash. There are Christians in business but no Christian businesses. Provide a product or service I need, at a reasonable price; do it with integrity, treat me well, and I'll buy. I will not buy because you display some decal or religious symbol nor because you have certain political views.
  • I like CFA even better now that I have had one of their employees act in somewhat of a surly manner towards me. It happened just a few days ago. Whew! I thought they were all Stepford minimum wage workers, but no, they're real people. Refreshing.
  • I'll boycott CFA when they drop the cookies and cream milkshake. Heck, I'll picket over that.
  • When they had cow day recently (dress up like a cow and get a free sandwich) I mooed but, sorry, no sandwich for me. Guess I needed   something visible.

Ruminate on all that, possibly while having a chicken sandwich.


Anonymous said...

William I heard it put best this way. It takes a hen and a rooster to make chicken nuggets.


Stephen Fox said...

William: Chic Fil A make significant contributions to Focus on the Family and Family Research Council. All their other good works aside, these are fair game for exploration. As of this posting I have to say Truett Cathy is to the Right of his namesake George W. Truett and some explanations are in order.

Click over to my blog for other concerns in this matter.