Tuesday, July 3, 2012

You probably missed this...

...and likely because it has nothing to do with SBC politics, Calvinism, sub-Calvinism, the SBC Convention, or SEC football.

I am referring to the death of Barry Belcher.


An icon, brethren and sistren.

Never heard of him?

Two words: Ginsu knives.

Four words: "But wait, there's more."

Barry Belcher was the marketer who popularized Ginsu knives ("Watch as we slice through solid granite, chop down a redwood tree, carve up a 1960 Lincoln Continental and then make a paper thin slice of tomato with the amazing Ginsu knife") through television commercials.

But the line that is remembered and used in all manner of contexts even today is the "But wait, there's more."

Belcher died Friday, June 22nd.

So why is this of any interest to Southern Baptists?

Because of this: The obituary said that the family is considering etching on his tombstone...you guessed it,

But wait, there's more.

...a very preachable sermon illustration.

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