Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Passing the age of irascibility

The age of accountability is a regular subject for discussion among my fellow Southern Baptists but may I ruminate on the very important age of irascibility.

Without quite being conscious of it, without any debate from those around me, I have most certainly passed that age.

No one marked the day. No one gave me presents and a giant chocolate chip cookie, candles, or gag gifts.

It came. It went. Here I remain.

I do recognize some of the evidences of being beyond the age of irascibility:

  • I do not feel that I have to justify the fact that I do not like some church music, that I do not care to sing some little dittys that pass for worship songs, that I do not care to stand, sing, and sway just because the spiked hair, goateed, shirtwaist music leader/performer says to.
  • No, I don't care to "give Jesus a hand." He does not need a hand, a foot, or an elbow bump, nor does He need to be "welcomed" to a worship service. He was there before anyone showed up.
  • And when someone declaims about their church paid salary being private, none of the membership's beeswax, I feel no compunction to endure that bit of nonsense without an appropriate response.
  • And I detest tatoos now more than ever. I have particular disgust for the whole arm and shoulder defacement that is popular among athletes. No way, NBA, am I watching heavily tatooed basketball body art displays. At least in football they cover most of that trash up.
  • I absolutely don't feel the need to put up with all the nonsensical pseudo-science churned out by the Young Earthers. 
  • I don't have patience for the rabid Calvinists, a certain strain that to listen to them, seemingly elevates Johannes Calvinus above the Almighty. Ordinary Calvinists are still OK, but need to be watched closely.
  • I could go on but will save a few for later.

I still like cats, though, and grandchildren seem to greatly mollify the curmudgeonly impluses I have.



Anonymous said...

Don’t know many MMs with seminary training that do this sort of thing, but guess that they are ‘out there.’ Like you, I don’t prefer it, either, but some good news is that a growing number of younger people don’t prefer it. Blended in a service, chori/Taize has a place, but to use such in a meaningful way takes a bit more worship design sophistication than most untrained MMs have.

Wish to pick up on the Calvinists, not the 5-pointers, but those that claim the mantle while asserting less than the 5 points. Makes little sense to me, but at my age, I have little sense left. Nonetheless, Calvinism is a system, and when one bumps a part, one might as well bump claiming the moniker, too.

Baseball: field, baseball, players, bases, bat. Do without any one of the previously mentioned parts and it raises the question: is this baseball?

Tim said...

William, you made me giggle. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Count this silver haired lady in agreement!

( I still like cats too 0

Anonymous said...

Another lady of a certain age that agrees with the points, finds the post funny, so does my dear hubby.