Sunday, January 20, 2013

The original 'You're the man'

The original "You're the man" was St. Louis Cardinals player Stan Musial, nicknamed "The Man", by fans. One of baseball's all time great players, Musial died yesterday.

Several things will be missing from Musial's obituary:

  • steroids
  • racism
  • controversy
  • tatoos
  • a bad word about him, from anybody
Several things make us nostalgic about his death:
  • He got a hit his last at bat, a winner from start to finish
  • Asked for advice, he said 'get eight hours sleep every night' 
  • He played 'Take me out to the ball game' on his harmonica.
  • As was said, "He didn't date movie stars, spike opponents or chew out reporters or umpires.
Many of us think we could use some new heroes like the old ones, like Musial.

[Baseball? Talked to a guy this week who told of going into a store where some old codgers were sitting around jawing. The conversation was on baseball and one of the men told the kid he should play shortstop. He then handed him a signed baseball. Ty Cobb.]

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Dave Miller said...

If only he'd been a Yankee...