Monday, February 11, 2013

Proposal made to eliminate the clergy housing allowance

...but, breathe easy brethren/sistren. It is only a proposal and only for state taxes in Massachusetts.

Mass. Governor's Income Tax Proposal Would End Parsonage Exemption

Most states do not make ministers add the HA back into their income for state income taxes. Perhaps there are some that do not but I am unaware of any.

While this is strictly a matter for folks in Massachusetts, it is about ending tax code provisions that allow some groups to exclude income and others to have special tax breaks.

Not that I can plumb the depths of the legislative mind when it comes to raising some additional revenue, but I don't see any similar action being viable at the federal level.

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RLBaty said...

Viable at the federal level?

We may be able to test that prospect if those folk ever get back to Congress with their study as a result of Senator Grassley farming out his responsibilities to a private think tank.

Alternatively, the FFRF challenge to the federal law is proceeding and we may get some feedback about the prospects there this summary if summary judgment motions are filed and the court is able to quickly rule; before the scheduled January 2014 trial date.