Monday, March 25, 2013

Annie Armstrong - 1933

Among some things found after my mother's death was this Royal Service magazine from March, 1933, the issue that featured the Week of Prayer for Home Missions of eighty years past. The graphic is the offering's promotional poster for that year.

The Annie Armstrong goal that year was $80,000, a tidy sum equivalent to about $1.4 million today. This year's Annie Armstrong goal  is $70 million.

This idea was among the suggestions for achieving the offering goal:

On the prayer calendar for that month was Martha Franks, legendary missionary to Tsining, China and now namesake of a retirement home in South Carolina. She and Bertha Smith were the nextgen Lottie Moons. 

Sure, we are far better with graphics and much more ambitious and sophisticated with our offering promotion but after perusing this issue of Royal Service I don't see that we are any more zealous about reaching America for Christ that we were 80 years ago.

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Dave Miller said...

But now we are MISSIONAL!