Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No problems with a quorum at this SBC meeting

While the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention had its lowest registration when meeting in a southern city since the youngest Baby Boomer was a toddler, and while some lower level SBC business was conducted with far less than a 25% quorum, there was one SBC event that had no problem with a quorum but had a decidedly gaudy attendance in comparison.

That would be the North American Mission Board's Send North America luncheon held during the SBC Pastor's Conference (BP photo above).

The attendance was an estimated 3,500.

Hmmm, we scratch and scrape to find a few hundred for some business sessions of the SBC's annual meeting but are bulging for a special interest luncheon where the focus is planting churches in North America.

There may be something of a lesson here.

SNA is the only big new thing in the SBC's playbook. It is a year old and although the metrics thus far are only things like attendance at conferences, numbers of churches involved, and church planters who have signed on, there is reason to be optimistic. The enthusiasm factor is evidence of that.

Quorum schmorum. 

It is good to see something that generates some positive numbers in the SBC.

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Richard said...

Must be either the missions emphasis or the food...Both have historical precedents with Baptist meetings!