Sunday, December 22, 2013

No quacking here and have a nice Christmas

Duck Christmas photo: christmas duck from the party place 032.jpg
Can I be forgiven for not weighing in with redundant verbiage on the latest outrage du jour?

And, really, we're talking about boycotts? Such would be a waste of time and energy, doomed to utter failure, and another embarrassment.

Have a nice Christmas and remember the Plodder Christmas Axiom: If anything spoils your celebration of the birth of Christ (i.e., what some Hollywood type does with their show, or someone offending you by wishing you a happy holiday instead of a 'Merry Christmas", or the general lament that Christmas is too commercial) IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT.

Coming next week: SBC year in review: what was good, bad, or ugly.

Things cooking for next year: The opressive pessimism over the Cooperative Program; the mess that is Southern Baptist higher education; Calvinism/Smalvinism: Train wreck ahead; and other witty, insightful, and irreverent articles.

Have a very nice Christmas.


Peter Reilly CPA said...

Hope you had a pleasant Solstice Rev and looking forward to a nice Christmas.

Dwight McKissic said...


No need for a boycott now that A&E has retracted the suspension.

Happy Holiday Season and New Year!!!

Dwight McKissic