Saturday, January 25, 2014

Housing allowance decision has been appealed

The Obama administration has appealed the federal court decision of last November that declared the cash part of the clergy housing allowance to be unconstitutional.

We will see what happens. So far, nothing has changed about this and my clergy colleagues should handle their sacred clergy tax break as usual this year and when they file taxes for 2013. Many thousands of clergy will happily take the nice double deduction from income taxes and not feel one pang of hesitation about doing it. Some clergy living in million dollar mansions will exclude hundreds of thousands of dollars from income taxes and not be troubled about that tax burden being shifted to ordinary hacks trying to eke out a living as ordinary workers. At the least, we should have an understanding why some Americans resent this tax provision.

Baptist Press carries GuideStone's statement on the matter, here. One can expect abundant amicae on the appeal. GuideStone will do so. The ERLC will do so. The Baptist Joint Committee as well.

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RLBaty said...

It will be interesting to see what it takes to get members of Congress and the President to make informed public statements regarding their views as to the future of IRC 107, and what those views might be.

Maybe we will hear Obama's take on it Tuesday in the State of the Union message!