Sunday, January 5, 2014

Rare, 1878 first edition theology book for sale: Pendleton, Christian Doctrines

I have a copy of a very hard to find first edition theology book:

Christian Doctrines a Compendium of Theology, J. M. Pendleton, D.D.
Philadelphia: American Baptist Publication Society, 1878

I've had this book for some time but need a little 2014 fishbait money, so I'm selling it. I can only find one copy of the first edition of this book. It is listed on several book sites for $250 and is not in as good of a condition as my copy. I would sell my copy for the same price, shipping included.

My book is in good condition, solid binding. a little rubbing on cover edges, bumped corners. The text inside is very clean and the only marks in the book are a few pencil markings inside of the front cover. The title on the front and the spine are still bright gold after 134 years. Check my photos.

If the price sounds steep look at it this way. It about what one week's GuideStone health insurance costs me.

If you are interested email me at

This would be a splendid addition to one's library. There are modern reprints, both paperback and hardback, available for this book but I find no other first editions in as good condition as mine.

J. M. Pendleton, one of the key individuals in the Landmark movement, is an important figure to Southern Baptists, then and now.

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