Monday, April 25, 2016

What we need is more good clean Baptist rap

I thought the J. D. Greear for SBC president rap by Ashley Unzicker was clever, humorous, creative, and harmless.

A few of the brethren, mainly from the subset of white, older, anti-Calvinist teeth-grinding curmudgeon SBCers didn't like it.

So what? No one said that the long-in-the-tooth gray-hairs who have a wistful longing for what they nostalgically think were the halcyon SBC days of the mid-20th century have to like anything post-Beaver Cleaver.

Perhaps the humorless, saturnine killjoys will have their gripes while the rest of us move on with Kingdom work. Greear's church baptized almost a thousand people the last reporting year and currently has more members on the mission field than any other SBC church in history. That's worth a rap, a symphony, an aria, or even a hallelujah. The gripers have copyrighted all the SBC blues stuff so I'd advise Ashley to stay away from that.

Perhaps you missed the Biblical Recorder article, Parody video about Greear to poke fun, says Unzicker, in which she explained in ordinary, unmetered English, sans gesturing, that the two-minute video was "just for fun." No, Moore, Platt, and Akin didn't endorse Greear for SBC president in the video, she over it.

Baptist Press carried an article about her a couple of years ago. If the button-downed press arm of the SBC Executive Committee has promoted her stuff, it's already officially approved anyway.

Ashley, stay-at-home mom of three, evidently hasn't gotten the word that fun is frowned upon is This Man's Convention. Now she knows. But I hope she doesn't let that slow her down. The parody fields are indeed white unto the harvest. Just read some of the stuff the dour-faced SBC doomsdayers are writing these days.

I hear "Stay off the grass, whippersnappers!" might be the next, breathless article that is supposed to pass for news in some circles.

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