Friday, May 21, 2010

A micropastor looks at megapastor Bryant Wright

Those nasty, insular, greedy, predatory megachurches.


Read what one pastor says about the perception and reality of megachurches:

Point of View: My megachurch neighbors

On the most mega of the three megapastors, Bryant Wright, (Jimmy Jackson and Ted Traylor are the other two) the micropastor says this:

Bryant Wright is a man who may not remember me, but I remember him. The reason why is several years ago I was at a conference at Ridgecrest and Dr. Wright was the guest speaker that week. How did this megachurch pastor treat the rest of us? He stayed after every service to speak to people, fellowshipped with various groups during meals, and on two occasions Dr. Wright spent almost a half an hour talking to me about the ministry that I had just started. He prayed for me and greeted me every day. This man took a interest in me, a twenty something kid who could do nothing for him and that has left a lasting impression.

I'm not a big megachurch fan and think there has to be some balance in SBC life. It was a mistake for Johnny Hunt to set up the Great Commission Resurgence Task Force where fully two-thirds of them either pastor or worship at megachurches. However, it is also a mistake to stereotype megachurches and pastors.

One of my online friends declares that he will never vote for a SBC presidential candidate whose church runs more than 350 in worship. The other Resurgence, the one that really happened rather than the one we hope we can stir up with a committee and votes and all that, would never have happened if megachurch pastors didn't lead it. Sorry, my friend, you will be disappointed on June 15th because a megachurch pastor will be elected SBC president.

Money is tight for the micropastors and I don't plan to be in Orlando but if I were I'd vote for Bryant Wright. In an interview with The Christian Index, Wright actually said "We’ve made some mistakes along the way..."

When is the last time you heard a megachurch pastor admit mistakes?

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