Saturday, May 22, 2010

Small church group endorses megachurch pastor for SBC president

Now this is news.

Les Puryear's very small, small church group to which he applies the novel name "SBC Majority Initiative" group is endorsing a megachurch pastor for SBC president.

Go figure.

There is a perfectly good non-megachurch guy running for SBC president. What's wrong with him? Oh, he doesn't have a chance?

While there is a lot of hand-wringing about how neglected small and average sized SBC churches are, when average and small church guys look for leadership, they choose megachurch people.


foxofbama said...

DJ Horton of Moore, SC is getting play with his Thoughts on the GCR. Has it crossed your radar to date?

William Thornton said...

I'd guess that he and I are 30 years apart in age but he thinks almost exactly like I do on the thing.

Here's a link to the article you mention: