Monday, August 2, 2010

Who to vote for?

It’s about the time here in Georgia when political stuff gets interesting. We’ve had the party primaries and there are some runoffs in about a week. Whatever slight decorum and comity existed among the gaggle of candidates for various state offices, has been summarily jettisoned now that races are down to two individuals.

Here in GA, a candidate has to have a majority. None of this 40something percent winning an election in GA. Gotta have 50% plus one; hence, runoffs between the top two vote-getters in the primary.

The runoff for State Attorney General in the Republican primary is between a Jewish guy, a transplant from New Jersey no less, and a good old boy who has run in the past as a family-values, pro-Christian candidate. The Atlanta paper keeps us informed on the salient issues for the campaign.

Who should we pro-family, Christian, native Georgians vote for in this race?

Oh, seems that the pro-family guy has a record to run on somewhat beyond the community involvement, education, experience, previous offices blah, blah, blah. He has a divorce record that includes stuff like: extramarital affair with a college student (among others), infidelity, marital acrimony and the like. His record of serving as ‘faculty’ in a ministry that produces materials on good Christian morals for kids is not being trumpeted in the current campaign, nor is there any mention of family or Christian values in his campaign materials.

In his own words from the AJC article
“Without a doubt, I fell short in my personal life by getting a divorce, and people have the right to make a moral judgment on that if they chose."
He went on to say he still felt he was the best man to be Georgia's next attorney general.

Believe I’m voting for the Jewish guy from NJ. I can get used to the accent.

And for governor: One good old boy with the last name "Deal" whose first name should probably be "Sweet" on account of a business arrangement he had with the state that put millions in his and partner's pockets. Seems even the congressional ethics committee found some pungency in that.

His opponent is another transplant, a woman born in D.C. who grew up in MD. I'd call her a Yankee but Maryland is south of the Mason-Dixon line.

Newt likes the good old boy who has questionable ethics. Palin likes the female transplant.

Believe I'll go with the lady who has both good sense and good ethics.

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Norm said...

William: Newt likes the good old boy who has questionable ethics. Palin likes the female transplant.

Norm: Two comments:

1) Been there, done that.

2) Best two-year plan.