Thursday, September 9, 2010

Kevin Ezell...not much of a NAMB supporter?

...but to be running the outfit come next Tuesday. I'm just asking.

Maybe NAMB needs someone like him but unless I'm missing something in his budget and in the reports about his church's giving, he's just not much of a NAMB supporter.

$10,000 for Annie Armstrong. OK, so they did direct stuff for much more than that. Still, he will be running the agency that expects churches to send tens of millions through this offering.

Christian Index has stories here and here.

What can I say? All the SBC leaders like him. Maybe they can explain some of why they like him, apparently in spite of his not liking NAMB too much.

Maybe he is to be the great outsider reformer for NAMB, making it into something that he likes and would support.


Norm said...

ABP: Louisiana Baptist Convention Executive Director David Hankins [is] calling on NAMB trustees not to elect Kevin Ezel ... as NAMB president ... Hankins said “a major flaw” disqualifies Ezell for the post ... “Dr. Ezell’s excellent credentials in areas such as character, family, leadership and theology do not compensate for [his] demonstrated lack of support for the mission of NAMB.”

Norm: And the implied response from the search committee:

ABP: Hankins … had been told there are no candidates who have all the credentials of the current nominee and an exemplary track record of CP and Annie Armstrong support.

Norm: Wow! Given it can be empirically supported that many churches give sacrificially from a percentage standpoint, but if not percentages, some would argue a very laudable sum in absolute terms (although we can question the sacrificial character of such), it is an extraordinary claim that suitable candidates cannot be found.

Hey, Bob, did you apply for the NAMB position?

Yeah, Ralph, just barely got my vita together in time to apply; we have been so involved with NAMB mission work that we barely have time to eat.

You are doing fine work there, Bob. Have you heard anything?

Yeah, Ralph, I have. Didn’t make the first cut; told that I was a slug.

William Thornton said...

A gazillion SBCers blog - pastors, laypeople, etc - but the second of the SBC's big three decisions (Frank Page to the Executive Committee was the first; the IMB's new leader will be the third) has barely generated a whisper from them.

Can't say that I know why.

There are some obvious questions that ought to be asked and answered.