Sunday, September 12, 2010

Late weekend random plods: football, burn-the-Qran, blended worship

College football: Suppose you got up in the morning, worked an eight hour day and was paid in cash by the hour. If Univ of GA head football coach Mark Richt was paid that way someone would be handing him 80 one hundred dollar bills every hour on the hour – about $3 million annually. The team’s star player sold a game jersey and got 7.5 minutes of Richt-equivalent money for it - $1k. He also got suspended for three games. You figure that one out.

David Montoya, my Texas cowboy Spiritual Samurai friend calls ‘em as he sees ‘em with the Baptist General Convention of Texas. One result of his being a blogging BGCT gadfly is that pastoral career in Texas has been threatened, you know, the ‘you’ll never go anywhere in this state if you don’t shut up’ sort of thing. The guy is a small church pastor who has, as I recall, taken substantial pay cuts from his church. No, life isn’t fair but this, if true, is viciously unfair.

A boy in Brazil taped a cell phone onto an arrow and shot it into a prison in Brazil. Is this odd melding of ancient and modern technologies sort of like blended worship, venerable old hymns and peppy new choruses? It just doesn’t look right.

Plodder joins with the Iranian media who has it right about the burn-the-Koran guy. They pronounced that the Florida pastor is part of the “Christian fringe.” Yeah, that and a complete idiot, an embarrassment to the Christian church, and lots more. I say: Forget the Q'ran but absolutely burn that ridiculous mustache.

The North American Mission Board’s candidate for their new CEO, Kevin Ezell, is the biggest SBC news this week…but what really concerns me is what GuideStone/Obama will do with our health insurance when the new rates come out in less than a month.


foxofbama said...

Couple randoms from here as well?
Does SC have a chance to Beat Bama?
Bobby Richardson has a great profile on SCETV showing these days; pretty interesting.
I asked him a question in Gaffney when he ran for US Congress in 76. I remember it all clearly. I was almost shakin, a 23 year old askin a Yankee legend a Question, but it stunned him; about character and textile money.
Didn't you say at one time you played HS Baseball.
Gaffney whipped Union bad Friday night.
Bruce Gourley and Duke's Curtis Freeman are having a thick conversation about the new NCCBF foundational statement.
Check religion dispatches for enlightened essays on the many aspects of the Mosque conversations.
Dee Dee Myers has a word for you and Newt Gingrich this morning on the MTPress Roundtable and Reza Aslan as well.

William Thornton said...

Not a chance.
Same as usual.