Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lots of people in SBC life ought to be forced to resign...

...but I hate it that this week's sacking is Norman Jameson.

I don’t know Norman Jameson. I don’t know all of the ins and outs of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina nor of their paper the Biblical Recorder. I do know that the Biblical Recorder was once known to conservatives, some years ago, as the Biblical ‘Distorter’ a bit of sarcasm that has long since been inapplicable.

I suppose Plodder and Jameson wouldn’t be on the same page of lots of stuff, but I do know that when I search for commentary on SBC stuff, more often than not Norman Jameson is either first or is the most straightforward in his assessments. I hate to see him forced to resign from the BR.

Statement from one Sandy Beck a DOM in NC:
Sandy Beck, director of missions in the Hendersonville-based Carolina Baptist Association, recently wrote convention leaders warning that if Jameson were not removed as editor, there would be a motion from the floor of the convention to amend the Cooperative Program unified budget to defund the Recorder.
“It seems that Mr. Jameson does not know the mindset of this predominantly biblically conservative state,” Beck wrote. “Enough is enough. If his board of directors cannot influence his lack of sensitivity, perhaps the conservative pastors and laity of this state can.”

'Lack of sensitivity' is generally code for 'Jameson doesn't grovel at our feet and lick our boots.' Yeah. Yeah. We’ve heard this before…'don’t like the news, don’t like the editorials, fire the guy…or we will pull the plug on funding.'

I hope Jameson finds a place to land where he can continue to write.


Anonymous said...

The more of this stuff that happens, the more I become disenchanted with denominational life. My DOM recently got fired. I have an audio copy of the meeting it happened in, and I can point out multiple lies/miss-truths/innuendos. Needless to say, I've begun to back out of associational life.


Anonymous said...

For me, this is the money quote from the ABP article...and the reason that more people are leaving not only SBC life, but denominational life in general:

"It just felt that I was not part of the tribe."


Neil H. said...

Well said, William. Jameson is one of the good guys who doesn't deserve what he got. It's good to hear an SBC supporter make clear just what "lack of sensitivity" really means, too. Failure to support the party line--even bending the truth when necessary--is a cardinal sin among current SBC leadership.
Also, thanks for saying it because your voice has credibility among folks who could care less what most moderates think.

David said...

I am personally acquainted with Norman Jamison. He was an associate editor of the Oklahoma Baptist Messenger during the time I was pastor of the FBC in Elmore City, OK. I can honestly echo the the APB directors who said, "Jameson’s ministry has been marked by the utmost integrity and the highest standards of journalistic excellence." The Norman Jamison I knew nearly 30 years ago was a class act.

The DOM apparently has his head buried in the sand if he thinks Norman "does not know the mindset of this predominantly biblically conservative state." What exactly is the mindset of North Carolina conservatives? My guess is that the mindset of NC conservatives is one of close-mindedness toward anyone who doesn't agree with the fundamentalist party line.

It's a shame that Beck's mindset is to dismiss anyone who doesn't agree 100% with his views.

Anonymous said...

I still have no idea what he did that was "wrong." Could someone point me to the articles that got him in trouble? I thought he was pretty fair.


foxofbama said...

Proud of William for taking a stand here. I wonder where he stood when JackHarwell lost his job in 87

I see where Howell Scott of FromLaw2Grace has said he will speak to this matter soon, in the same vein as William has expressed himself.
I'm looking forward to see how that plays, as well as how the discussion William has posted at forums, sBC Trends

Anonymous said...

Good question, Stephen, and I'll tell you where I stood. I stood in SC at the time but was a regular reader of the Christian Index and thought Harwell went out of his way and was much too agressive in insulting and demeaning SBC conservatives. One of the best personnel moves ever: swapping Harwell for Mohler.

I never read anythign of Jameson's that was like Harwell's stuff.