Friday, October 22, 2010

SBC Narcissist, Lottie Moon, and good therapy

Random Friday plods:

A local high school football team here ran up almost 600 yards rushing in a game...and lost by two TDs. Gotta be some kinda record.

My sat TV provider is in a squabble with some of the networks and has dropped some channels that I like but, no, I'm not going to take sides, I'll just drop the whole thing. I think I can live without TV. I pay more for TV than I do a couple of months a year for electricity and I'm all electric in my house.

Why isn't there more griping about GuideStone? Aren't we SBCers known for that? And, is there anything going on now that is more worthy of our complaints?

Wanted: someone honest enough to start a Baptist blog with the title of SBC Narcissist. No, I decline. 'Plodder' is sufficiently accurate for me.

We're going up on our Lottie Moon goal, and offering, this year. If not now, when would be a better time?

For the 'take back our country crowd': Looks like we are going to have another voluntary, free will, election where political power will shift. Explain to me why the Obama crowd would be unjustified in claiming the 'take back our country' line after our new representatives are sworn in next January? We had it. They had it. We will share it. Sounds so, well, democratic to me.

Not her best moment: Christine O'Donnell on 'separation of church and state'. Come on, Christine, at least be able to quote the relevant part of the first amendment.

I cannot think of an SBC blogger whom I dislike, although I can think of a few basement bound, housecoated blog commenters that I dislike.

Fishing and working on your woodpile are highly therapeutic.

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