Friday, August 19, 2011

WMU on the new Lottie Moon book

I asked the WMU in Birmingham a couple of questions about the new Lottie Moon book by Regina Sullivan, you know, the book that labels Lottie's death story a "myth".

On the picture of LM above. The WMU archivist dates it at 1877. I had some question about its authenticity but I'm satisfied with that. So, how about we archive the jut-jawed, Lottie Moon schoolgirl photo shown below in favor of this picture.

Let's let Lottie be a grown-up and not a schoolgirl.

I also asked for comment on the death "myth" and Wanda Lee, WMU president, said they were confident in the story as related by Catherine Allen in her 1980 biography of Lottie Moon. Further comment to come later, I would guess.

Any way you slice it or picture it, Lottie Moon's story is an inspiring one.


Tom Parker said...

Lottie Moon was a great missionary!! Nothing can take that away. And based on what I have read she was a mighty good 'preacher" also.

Regina Sullivan said...

Although I don't have the citation at hand, Moon actually asked, well demanded, that the SBC not use the schoolgirl photo after it was published without her consent. She did not like that photo, which must have been taken in the 1860s not the 1870s due to her hairstyle. She asked that a new studio photo, now held by the Virginia Baptist Historical Society, be used instead. In it, she is wearing a fur stole. So Moon definitely would not have liked the proliferation and use of this unflattering school-girl photo.

William Thornton said...

Why the IMB likes to use this photo is beyond me.

William Thornton said...

Regina, if you would send me the citation or a quote from it, I'd like to have it.


Regina Sullivan said...

William, let me look on my computer and see what I can locate. This was something that I noticed not something that I thought would be of analytical significance so I'll have to check around and see if I can find it.