Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Best show in Prime Time

The Republican debates are the most entertaining show in prime time:

Bachmann: Sorry, 999/666 is just bizarre...game over Michelle.

Cain: The guy is confident, communicates well. 

Gingrich: When he speaks, something worthwhile always comes out.

Huntsman: Come on, gov, stop looking so pained.

Paul: Are you always mad about something, Ron?

Perry: The incredible shrinking candidate...needs another prayer rally.

Romney: Lookin' pretty presidential to me.

Santorum: Gets credit for fighting for face time, going nowhere.


Anonymous said...

Cain will actually end up being the nominee. A Mormon will never get elected, Perry is a falling star, and Bachmann is a negative, frustrated woman.

What what are the blacks in this country going to do with a black Republican and a black Democrat running for office?

Dwight McKissic said...

I sure hope you're right. What a great day that will be.

As much as I like Rick Perry,everyday I'm becoming more and more convinced as Peter Lumpkin stated in a style that's uniquely Peter: I am going to plant my corn in Cain's field.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope we have better luck with the next black President than we have had with this current one.

Jon L. Estes said...

If Cain's momentum continues, even Romney won'y be in double digits when it is going to count.

One thing is obvious, the rest of the field is afraid of the unknown Cain.

I do hope "Cain', politically slays his less than "able" conservative competition.

Anonymous said...

Bumbersticker (stolen from Dennis Miller): "Cain v. Not Able"