Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some suggestions for GBCInsider

Dear anonymous gaggle of Georgia Baptist colleagues who have started a blog that takes a critical look at matters that are of concern to the Georgia Baptist Convention:

May I suggest some things?

DO reconsider identifying yourselves, or some of yourselves. That would add credibility, integrity, and seriousness to your blog. There is a bit of untoward spectacle inherent in guys taking public potshots at people and decisions anonymously. While I understand your desire to not be identified, and don't object to it so far, openness would be better.

DO focus on policy and decisions, not people.

DO make your criticisms in context. Example: "The GBC has temporarily withheld CP missions payments to SBC, NAMB, and IMB to cover their own operating expenses." Standing alone that sounds pretty bad. But, how long are funds held? How often? By whose decision? Is the Executive Committee aware or have they approved of such?

DO take time to explain the charade involved in the GBC's claim that "Georgia Baptists share every mission dollar equally with the Southern Baptist Convention." I'm guessing that most of your readers are pastors or others who will find this to be worthwhile.

DO take time to vet your criticisms. That you quickly walked back some of your earlier assertions makes one wonder if you are really up-to-date GBC insiders.

DO tell both your adoring and aghast readers what the GBC policies are for such things as interim pastorates, hiring of relatives, etc. Such things are worthwhile.

DO avoid petty complaints.

DO get around sometime before the GBC meeting next month to stating, speculate if you must, why this year's presidential election is the most hotly contested in GBC history.

DO throw some light on the Executive Committee. Is this an effective group? Are they stacked with cronies, colleagues, and spouses? Are they diligent in oversight? Just asking.

DO try and get a copy of the agreement between NAMB and the GBC that used to be called the "Cooperative Agreement". No one will let me see this secret, evidently highly classified document.

Your non-anonymous, plodding GBC pastor trying to serve the Lord day by day,

William Thornton


Anonymous said...

Somehow I doubt they will follow your suggestions. Anonymous bloggers seldom do.

Stephen Fox said...

William: I think these are statesmanlike prescriptions from you.
Alabama Baptists, Rick Lance and Bob Terry are facing a similar difficulty with their muddled response to the immigration law debate in the state.
Our friend Robert Parham, son in law of a former president of the state convention had a scorching review of Alabama Southern Baptist leadership at ethicsdaily last Thursday.