Friday, December 2, 2011

Catholics flummoxed, Tebow touted, but why so much sadness in Louisville?

Roman Catholics are Confused by Mass Changes, as in changes to their Mass rather than a great number of changes. Seems that the prescribed english wording has added the term "consubstantial" to the litany. I recommend that my Catholic friends do what we SBCers have done when mass changes have been made in our churches, namely moving from hymns with real meanings and substantial words to chorus ditties with endless repetition of simple words. For the latter you just repeat as in a mantra without thinking about it.

Al Mohler comes down hard with the Southern Seminary family in ordering that credible accusations of sexual abuse be immediately reported to authorities, secular authorities. ""...just dial 911..." he wrote. Seems that a SBTS trustee had different advice for his church as reported in this ABP (where else?) story. Al is a clever fellow. Let's see how he reconciles these two items.

Speaking of Southern Seminary, Louisville is rated as the country's fifth saddest city. Perhaps all the joyless calvinists have made an impact.

Georgia plays LSU for the SEC championship tomorrow the tigers being heavy, heavy favorites. Should the dawgs pull a big upset talk on the sports shows is that LSU would still go to the national championship game and play Alabama. While I would like to see another SEC national champion, that scenario is the height of absurdity.

Tebow is touted, but sometimes criticized, for his on-field and after game Christian expressions. Celebrity athlete Christians as a group haven't added much to the Kingdom of God in my estimation. Your everyday, workaday hacker and plodder is what really counts.

Unless I get an invitation to preach for this coming Sunday, an unlikely possibility, this is be the longest stretch of Sundays (three in a row) in three decades where I have not filled a pulpit. I'll take a pew and listen to someone else and do my dead level best to learn, though, perhaps assisted by the sharp elbows of my wife. Plodder feels up to the task.

Have a nice weekend.


Tim Dahl said...

You. Yes, you. *points at William*
Come to Fort Worth.
Real soon.
You can preach (or not).
Take a vacation. You've earned it.



foxofbama said...

At 3pm tomorrow on Tiger Field in Clemson S.C. the Gaffney Indians will beat Byrnes HS for the State Championship of S.C. and it will not be close.
See Stephens and Giberson The Anointed to help Sandy understand what is going on at Shorter.
The White Ribbon and Tree of Life, will be great references next time you preach. Consider them while you have time to grow in wisdom

William Thornton said...

THanks Tim. If I could drop LA, MS, and AL from the map, I'd make it over there.