Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Antique Broadus book

This is a book of John A. Broadus, "Sermons and Addresses" published 1889, Fourth Edition.

I'm selling it. It belonged to my great-aunt's husband and is inscribed by him "Henry A. Lowrance 1892". He was a Civil War vet and a leader at Athens Baptist Church. The book is not rare but is rather scarce.

Broadus is, of course, one of the outstanding SB leaders. He was Southern Baptist Theological Seminary president when this book was published.

It's a $50 book. I will sell for $40 and pay postage.

Gotta have some fishbait money.

[It's incidental to this post, but all the clamor about expository preaching these days might be seen in the light of Broadus' technique and didn't Spurgeon call him the greatest living preacher?]


John Wylie said...

It's your business but why in the world would you sell a cool book like that that belonged to your great uncle? (I'm assuming that your great aunt's husband was your great uncle).

Jon L. Estes said...

John - I have no idea why William is selling his books but I have been selling my dads books for the past 7 months (on Amazon). I had one of his, looked like it never got opened with a Baptist Book Store yellow price tag in it for 12.99 and it sold for 145.00

I loved dad but, to me, it is just a book. I'm making about 120.00 per month on average. Not a lot of money but setting it back made a trip to see grandkids more enjoyable and affordable.

sola396 said...

If you haven't sold it, then I will buy it this week. And you won't even need to pay the postage.


William Thornton said...

I have an abundance of family history items, including other things from Dr. Lowrance.

There were two old maid great-aunts, Minnie and Lillian. Both married much older men in their mid-40s. The men were both Civil War vets. Lillian E. Lowrance was married for 18 months and then was widowed. She remained in that state for about a half-century.

She and Minnie were among the last living widows of CSA vets. Neither had children.

Believe me, I am not short on family archival stuff.

John Wylie said...

Well like I said it was none of my business I was just wondering brother. It must be pretty cool to have that kind of family history. Thanks for sharing.

William Thornton said...

John, we all come from a long line of people.;)

I'm always happy to talk genealogy.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't sold it yet, I'd love it! Russell Moore


William Thornton said...

I think it is sold but if it comes unsold, I'll let you know.