Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter from the church pew...

...looked pretty good to me yesterday. Jesus was preached. The resurrection celebrated.

The sunrise service had about one third of the attendance of the main worship service, that would be at the sacred 11:00 hour, and the weather was near perfect, cool not cold, with the timing just right on the sunrise, and no trains noisily rumbled by during the short service.

The light breakfast ('light' would be Southernese for heavy but just not as heavy as it could have been, sausage and biscuits light) was very good and the fellowship was warm.

I attended the church I used to pastor and was greeted warmly. The interim pastor is doing a great job, always preaches well, and I enjoy hearing him. He is among the sensible brethren who communicate to the Easter crowd that he is genuinely glad they came to worship.

In what promises not to be the beginning of a new Easter tradition, my family and I ate lunch at the Waffle House which was serving purple waffles in recognition of Easter. While I believe I understand the thinking behind that, I'm not sure it works well, purple not being a very appetizing color no matter what sits on the plate ready to be consumed. Think beets here.

God is good. Jesus is wonderful. Bless His holy name.

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