Friday, June 22, 2012

Have SBCers lost the will to fight?

Fight each other, that is.


I hope so.

It would be a good thing.

I have no stomach for another Conservative Resurgence-style of SBC conflict where partisan candidates aim to move the convention away from some demonized SBC subgroup, not that I impute that to any of the candidates for office this year, but the jizz I was getting was that there were rumblings of such things.

No thanks.

If the convention by their actions this week said the same thing we are all better off.

We have a black president, a moving story, and one that might move the convention away from the rumblings of controversy. I'm all for it.

That there are always some Southern Baptists who aren't happy unless they are in conflict with some segment of their Christian brethren is still a reality among us but I hope not to the degree that it dominates the Southern Baptist landscape.

We increased the number of SBC churches by a total of 37 last year, a pathetic average of less than one per state convention. NAMB is launching the Send North America initiative which has a chance of doing better if we care enough to get behind it.

The International Mission Board still has a daunting task made much more delicate as a result of the realities of world events and attitudes. They could use all of our help.

The best thing coming out of New Orleans besides I-10 might be an enhanced sense of optimism about things SBC.

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Anonymous said...

Good word, William Thornton. I agree.