Thursday, June 21, 2012

2012 Annual Meeting Moments

Best moment: Duh. Election of Fred Luter.

Best line: Bryant Wright. "To our Calvinist friends: A bit of humility would be most welcome."  Few people have the ability to say something gravely critical, say it kindly, and have folks walk away reflecting on it rather than reacting to it.

Biggest surprise: The decisive election of Dave Miller as 2nd VP. Unthinkable just a week or so ago. Ditch the lime green suit, bro.

Biggest teaser: Frank Page, having stated that he would announce an "initiative" on the Calvinist/Traditionalist controversy, leaving the matter dangling: Page confirmed again that he plans to assemble a group of advisers to help chart a way through the division surrounding Calvinism.
Whom? What? When? How? We will have to wait.

Silliest moment: Don't know. Wasn't there. Didn't stay glued to the live feed all day. Nominations will be accepted from the hoi polloi in attendance.

Best resolution: Yawn. Doesn't matter but generally does keep people from browsing the exhibit hall for the umpteenth time.

Best hair: Tie between Peter Lumpkins and Eric Hankins.

Smoothest moment: Pick from any number during the sessions when  Bryant Wright was presiding.

Best reporting: SBC Voices did a good job with the twitter feeds.

Houston next year? Don't we ever tire of punishing ourselves by meeting in the heat of June in virtually uninhabitable places.


Frank Gantz said...

Perhaps we should all strive to meet the qualifications you set forth for the best line. 1) gravely critical, 2) kindly, 3) causes reflection rather than reaction.
I really like that.
As a Calvinist, Wright's comment is well received. I take it to heart.

William, love your blog.

Joe McGee said...

William, as you know I never considered Wright a qualified person for the presidecy of the Southern Baptist Convnetion since his church only contributes a small amount to the CP and that many of the missions his church started not only fail to use the term "Southern" in thier name, but the term "Baptist" is not used. I have always thought of him as one of the groups of mega-church pastors that want control the SBC (As you know our associaiton responded to such). However, I am man enough to say that I felt that Wright did a great job moderating the Convention with demonstrating dignitiy to messengers on all sides of the issues. Now, since all we have been hearing is that the name "Southern" has keep us from reaching the lost all these years, I expect a great revival and growth. If we do not expereince this then we have to consider that it is not what we call ourselves that has led to the decrease in evangelism and growth, but the lack of what we do to reach the lost. Just a thought.

Steve Miller said...

I, too, was shocked at Dave's election as 2nd VP. And I couldn't agree more about the lime green suit. BTW, I'm his older brother and his taste in clothing has always been somewhat suspect.